PVC liner installation saves 30-year-old rooftop pools

Bringing large equipment onto the roof of a high-rise isn’t easy, but many older NYC pools are facing problems that require renovation.

Rooftop pool with pvc linerAging rooftop pools in New York City face a common issue: how do you renovate a pool on a high rise building?

These problems can be anything from leaks to surface erosion. This spring, two NYC pools were facing some issues that needed immediate attention. Both pool were built 30 years ago and the pool walls were made of sheet steel. Even though the steel was repainted every year, it just wasn’t standing the test of time. During the summer, rust would push through the painted surface. They needed a smart alternative to a full pool replacement.

In May 2013, Manhattan Pool and Leisure decided that the best solution was to install PVC membrane liners. These liners would seal the surface and act like a barrier between the aging steel and the pool water. The pool would still function and filter as it always did (minus the unsightly rust).

The final product was well received. Each pool was able to look brand new again, without the need for heavy equipment or costly renovation.