Pool Management

Manhattan Pool & Leisure - Management

Pool management is a multi-dimensional service that requires experience and knowledge. Our experiences help us understand the importance of a strong lifeguard program and the needs of high-end businesses. Through advanced scheduling and payroll systems, in addition to individualized web portal connectivity, we have improved communication and accountability to benefit the customer.

Our professional, uniformed staff is there to assist with your customer satisfaction goals.

  • Lifeguard Hiring, Training and Placement
  • General Liability Insurance, 12 Million
  • Continuous Safety Training/Auditing
  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Payroll Processing

Safety Audits
To maintain our top lifeguarding program, we take extra time to both train and audit our lifeguards. Our expectations are high, and we look to hire staff that will not only pass American Red Cross certification, but also pass in-house and unannounced safety audits coordinated by our safety director and safety staff.

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